Our Partners

Over the years, we have had the pleasure to work with a range of wonderful partners, based abroad and in Russia!

International partners


Deutsch-Russischer Austausch e.V., Berlin, Germany
International youth exchanges, civic education, reconciliation, environment. Public association.


CSF-Banner_400x88px__2_EU-Russia Civil Society Forum


FrischluftLogoFrischluft e.V., Berlin, Hamburg, etc., Germany
Political education, international youth exchanges, extracurricular work with children and youth. Public association.


Genius Loci, Ruda Śląska, Poland
Regional history and culture, international youth exchanges, civic education. Public association.


GrashalmLogoGrüner Grashalm e.V., Fahren, Germany
Environmental education, international youth exchanges, experiential education. Motto: «Life is an adventure.» Public association.


10922759_1530375877239561_6970497993562178294_nInsha Osvita, Ukraine
Civic education, democratic education, development of non-formal education sector in Ukraine and other countries. Public organization.


International Voluntary Service, United Kingdom
International volunteering exchanges in peace work and disaster relief/environmental work. Registered charity.


13642_100486696643879_6875772_nKunstwerk — Offener Kunstverein e.V., Potsdam, Germany
Informal arts education for children and youth. Public association.


MitOst e.V., Berlin, Germany
Cultural exchanges, civil society development. Public association.


MitOst Hamburg e.V., Hamburg, Germany
Language, cultural and youth exchanges in Europe. Public association.


More Mosaic, Stockholm, Sweden
Cultural and youth exchanges in Europe, youth work on non-violence, civic education trainings, sharing of best practices among civil society organizations. Public association.


Solidarités Jeunesses, Paris, France
International youth exchanges.


Združenie SLATINKA, Zvolen, Slovakia
Environmental conservation, environmental education. Public association.



National partners

Аssociation of Russian Тrainers
Links up trainers and facilitators from all over the Russia and provides seminars and trainings to improve the country’s non-formal education sector.


ATRLogoATP, Krasnoyarsk
«Art Technology Development» is a project group which brings together professionals from the creative sector, business, local authorities and the community to implement urban development projects.


Center for German Language Studies, Krasnoyarsk
Partner of the Goethe-Institut. German language courses of all levels, intensive courses, examinations for international certificates, language events.


Central Library System of Rybinsky District, Krasnoyarsk Region


Природный парк ЕргакиErgaki Nature Park, Krasnoyarsk Region



Forum, Krasnoyarsk
Center for youth initiatives. Autonomous state institution.


Krasnoyarsk Institute of Higher Qualification
Professional development of teachers and educators. Autonomous state institution.


Mikhail Prokhorov Fund, Krasnoyarsk
Private charity supporting cultural initiatives and promoting Russian culture abroad.


Ministry of Sport, Tourism and Youth Policy of Krasnoyarsk Region



Museum Center «Mira Square», Krasnoyarsk
Museum of Modern Art.



4410481!Pilot, Krasnoyarsk
Center for cultural events led and organized by local youth, and the former office location of INTERRA.


Siberian Federal University, Krasnoyarsk



State Universal Scientific Library of Krasnoyarsk Region
Department of Foreign Language Literature


Upravlenie_mol_politikiYouth Policy Department of Krasnoyarsk City Administration