About us

What’s in the name

INTERRA is registered as «Krasnoyarsk Regional Non-Governmental Organization for Non-Formal Education and Intercultural Communication.» 

Why we’re here

We are a community of like-minded people who strive for an open civil society, active civic participation and good-neighborly relations between nations and cultures.

We believe that enlightenment, culture and education are the key tools for the development of society, and that intercultural interaction changes us and broadens our horizons and possibilities.

Diversity, tolerance, solidarity and equality, human rights, and civic engagement constitute our values.

We stand for a lively international exchange of ideas, knowledge and best practices in the spheres of culture, education, youth work, environment, sustainable development, urban development, civil initiatives, and social structure.

What we’re doing

We work at the intersection of culture, education and international cooperation. Since 2004, we have conducted forums, seminars, workshops, club meetings, summer camps on these matters. We also organize group and individual international exchanges.

Learn more about our current projects here.

Our current team: Kristina, Natalya, Irina, Elena, Federica, Nastya, Erich (from left to right). (Photo: Georgii Golosov)


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