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Блог наших волонтеров о жизни в Сибири

За последние несколько лет «Интерра» приняла на стажировку ребят из Германии, Финляндии, Франции и Словакии.

Жизнь в Красноярске для них — уникальный опыт, почти все они приезжают в Россию первый раз. И, конечно, имеют весьма смутное представление о стране. Интересно наблюдать, как они расстаются со стереотипами, постепенно осваивая язык, культуру, а часто и привычки местных жителей. О своих впечатлениях, наблюдениях — над странными, порой смешными и такими непохожими на родную страну реалиями русской жизни  — они пишут в блоге my siberian story, который мы придумали специально для волонтеров «Интерры». Сейчас его ведут две замечательные девушки, которые решились приехать на 9 месяцев в наш город поработать в качестве волонтера, выучить язык и узнать, что такое сибирская зима. Эва и Сара пишут на английском, а также дублируют свои посты на родных языках — польском и французском.

Сегодня мы публикуем пост Эвы о путешествии по Транссибирской магистрали. Для нее это стало настоящим приключением. С остальными записями рекомендуем познакомиться в блоге my siberian story.

Trans- Siberian living legend

Trans- Siberian railway- the longest train in the world from Moscow to Vladivostok with a length of 9288,9km… bla bla bla, you can read it on Wikipedia. What does make it so special?
I know this train is a big dream of many, many people. That’s why I would like to share with some useful information, which could help you planning yours journey.

At first some technical information:
+You can buy tickets online on Russian Railways side. Side is in Russian and English languages. (On the left side go to -> Passengers-> Buy tickets online). You have to register at first.- sounds great but it’s only theoretically. Personally I couldn’t buy tickets in advance. I heard that this side doesn’t accept foreigners credit card :( So you can also buy tickets on the railway station in ordinary cash desk, or in modern stands- and this one works very good but in cash desk could be very long queue.
+ Very important: you have to take a passport with you! You will need it for buying tickets and for your journey.
+ Timetable is always shown in Moscow time (UTC +3:00). You have to consider it very carefully, because international/national flights and local buses timetable are in local time! So it could be very tricky.
+ Trains are always on time! You will be late 2 minutes and your train will be already gone.
+With a very little pay you can have bed linen and a clean towel during your trip.

20150822_165319Now it’s a time for my adventure.
I was traveling from Krasnoyarsk to Irkutsk and return. It costs about 2000 rubles in platzkart on one way.

What is platzkart? It’s the cheapest option to buy, called 3rd class (with bed linen and a towel). There are no walls inside between corridor and compartment. Everybody can see everybody, you can have a chat with yours neighbour, you can hear small talk between mother and a kid, you can see young lovers whispering each other. And for sure you can enjoy view from the train window.

There is also 2nd class COUPE carriage were you have closed compartment for 4 people.

And the last one, the most expensive but luxurious 1st class SP for 2 people.

If you want to entry train you have to go to yours carriage and show your ticket and passport to the conductor (provodnik/ проводник) .

Conductor is a very important person in the train. She (it’s mostly a woman) takes care of whole carriage and about 50 passengers. Keep it clean, gives you a bed linen… And for me the most important: she wakes you up at 4 a. m with a nice and quiet voice and telling that your stop will be within one hour.

What people are doing in train? Sleep a lot, rest, talk, read, play cards, eat. In each carriage you can use boiling water as much as you want. So all types of instant noodle soups are very popular. There is also restaurant carriage, but Russians don’t go there very often what makes me think it could be expensive (maybe it’s not true I haven’t been there). Sometimes through the carriage come somebody offering beverages, snacks, sweets, newspapers.

We took some food with us. But when we wanted something extra we went on a 20 mintes stop Zima/ Зима to surrounding shop.

In general trip was very nice, you can sit, you can recline which is for me much more comfortable then Polish trains, where mostly you have to sit all the time.

If you are still thinking and wondering what type of carriage you should choose I will give you a hand.
If you want to see real life, hear real Russians, be ordinary person, but still have an adventure choose Platzkart.

If you want to be a European traveller who pretend is extreme traveller because you were in Trans- Siberian express choose coupe.

If you are very rich, want to travel in luxurious way, but still want to tell your friend that you were travelling by Trans- Siberian express choose SP.


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